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Welcome, everybody! As usual, I recording from Port Angeles, Washington, which is not in the Rocky Mountains as the Podcast name might imply.  I started a blog called Rocky Mountain Sunshine while living in Utah in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, but we moved to Port Angeles, Washington, which still has mountains, but these are the Olympic Mountains.  I kept blogging and kept the name. I started the podcast back in November last year, and just decided to go with Rocky Mountain Sunshine. So here we are! Maybe one day I’ll change the name. Who knows.  Let me know if you have an opinion either way or if you have a suggestion for a different name. Well, today I talk about the best Latter-day Saint podcasts out there. I know what you’re thinking… There are other LDS podcasts out there? Haha.  We’ll stick round and you’ll see. Let’s get to it. I got a really nice message from a good friend of mine, Matt, who is a pro at Norwegian dancing, and a listener to the show. He said, “I listen to your podcast and it totally cracks me up. Also, it is better than any other LDS podcast that I have found. Do you recommend any others? The ones that I have listened to are incredibly boring.” Well thanks Matt! That is really nice.  I of course replied, “Sadly my podcast IS the best podcast out there, so I suggest just re-listening to all of my podcasts.” haha – I’m kidding. So I’m going to talk more about this today. He also reminded me of something that I had forgotten about. I was a counselor in the bishopric in Highland and our bishop was in the national guard so he was gone one Sunday every month. As the first counselor, in his absence, I would conduct bishopric meetings, ward councils, sacrament meetings, etc. I didn’t like sitting in the bishop’s chair when he was gone. My friend Mat wrote, “Remember how you used to sit next to the Bishop's desk and not behind the desk in Ward Council, etc. when Bishop Baker was out of town? Do you still sit next to your desk in the Bishop's office or have you tried sitting behind it? Just wondering.” haha  If you’ve picked up a bit of my humor, from the show, and get a sense of Mat’s humor, who was our Executive Secretary, and then add in our bishop and 2nd counselor. You start to see that we sat around laughing a lot more than we probably should have as a bishopric. This also reminds me of a little prank I did on Bishop Baker.  He had gone to see Boston in concert the night before.  We had a google sheet that we shared which had our sacrament hymns and the outline for our program.  So I thought it would be funny to change all the names of the sacrament hymns to Boston Songs and see if the bishop noticed.  I was sitting there straight-faced in our bishopric meeting when Bishop Baker reviewed the program. It went something like this. “We will begin the meeting singing hymn # 275 “More than a feeling”. Sister Johnson will give the opening prayer. We will have our sacrament hymn # 304 “Peace of Mind”. We will have a talk from Brother Jones, and Sister Smith, and our closing hymn will be Hymn 85, “Don’t Look Back.”….  Long pause.  Wait.  Are these real hymns? Tune in for the rest of the episode!  #latterdaysaints #latterdaysaint #thechurchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rocky-mountain-sunshine/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rocky-mountain-sunshine/support
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