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Bordeaux France Mission


I am happy that you are joining me today for the 1 year anniversary of the Rocky Mountain Sunshine podcast. How has a year already gone by? Crazy! Here are some statistics that you may find boring, but I’ll share them anyway. My top listened-to episode is still # 19 where I do nothing but talk about all the cars that I’ve owned. What this tells me is more of you like cars that you let on apparently. The majority of our listeners are in the USA but here are my top 10 outside of the U.S.: Australia #2 – Gu-day mate UK # 3 – Ellow Germany # 4 Guten talk Indonesia # 5 – Halo Netherlands # 6 – Goeden dag Saudi Arabia # 7 – Marhaban Canada # 8 Hello and Bonjour for the french Canadians Mexico # 9 – Hola And # 10 is Brazil France is # 19 _ Bojour mes amis! Why are you all the way down to # 19? Pourquoi es-tu au dix-neuf ? Estonia is #23.  “Tear-ah”.  You can do better Estonia!  #23? The Czech Repulic is my least listened to country, except for all the countries who don’t listen at all.  I’m looking at you Iceland! What else can I tell you about our listeners? 64% listen on Apple Podcasts. 5% on Spotify. It goes down from there to a variety of other podcast platforms. The age group that listens to the podcast the least is age 23-27.  Or as I call it, the age group that apparently does not like puns. They tuned out quickly. You must appreciate a good pun to be a listener. I have really enjoyed learning over the past year how to podcast. I got a lot of tips from my buddy Shawn Rapier along the way. He’s always a great resource and has helped. Tune if for more! — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rocky-mountain-sunshine/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rocky-mountain-sunshine/support
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