College, COVID, & Mental Health – Ep 12

In today’s podcast episode I talk to my daughters Julienne, Maggie, and Emma about what it’s like going through the COVID-19 pandemic as a high-school student and college student.

We talk about mental health, how it has impacted them, and how they are coping.

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Julienne (left), Emma (top), Maggie (right) and Jason Bringhurst (bottom)

From the show:

Holy cow, guys, 2021! I sounds so futuristic! Mentally I’m still in 2019.

Today we have special guests the first time I’ve ever had guests on the podcast.

We have my daughter Juliennne who is in Provo.

We have my daughter Maggie. Who is in Logan, Utah.

I’m honored to be here. Thank you.

And we have my daughter, Emma, who is in studio with me in Port Angeles, Washington.

So yeah, it’s my first episode with a guest. And tonight we actually have three so it’s awesome! We are doing it virtually for Julienne and Maggie.

I thought that of course we would need to start this with an awesome dad joke.

So since we’re in quarantine, I guess we’ll only be making inside jokes from now on. haha

Ah, do you hear the laughter? Live laughter from my daughters as I tell a dad joke.

Too bad. There isn’t a video to see the eye rolls going with the dad joke. All right.

Well, we’re looking at a new year 2021. We’re just coming out of a really unique year. 2020 was very different than most other years for high schoolers and for college students. And so I have a pool of people that I have put together who are actually high school and college students.

So what has it been like? Going through 2020 as a senior in high school, Emma, and as a college student, Juliennne and Maggie. What has it been? Like?

Um, it’s been a lot harder than going to school in person. Yeah.

Yeah. Why has it been harder?

The best analogy that I have for it is going to school in person is like having a gym membership, and a scheduled session five days a week, and you have like some friends in the class and a great personal trainer. Online school is like trying to follow written out steps of workout in your room alone when you don’t know what you’re doing, and don’t understand the exercise language, and you don’t understand what you’re expected to do. And you don’t have any gym equipment, and you feel stressed out and isolated because you don’t have much control of your life.

…So it’s the same? haha

Okay, I’m getting anxiety, just listening. Okay. All right. Take a breath. All right.

I mean, even I’ve had a couple classes that are in person. And even then, I mean, it’s not the same. And I feel like, for me, you know, going to college and paying for college, I’m so acutely aware of the value of education that I’m getting, and comparing that to the tuition that I’m paying. And, you know, comparing that to the tuition that I’ve paid in the past and the value that I’ve gotten in the past. And I mean, I know, I know, the world isn’t fair. And I know people are struggling harder than I am. But I mean, it’s just frustrating to think I could be getting something more out of it. And, you know, this is just kind of what I’m stuck with.

Yeah, I totally get that. That’s got to be frustrating when you paid for the IMAX experience. And you’re getting a small screen on an airplane. That’s my analogy.

… Tune into the podcast for the rest!

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