Angelic Music Touches My Soul

The music during General Conference is always uplifting. It has a way of touching my soul on a deep level. Today’s music was heavenly and angelic. During the second session, the choir was from the Missionary Training Center (MTC). I have fond memories of being a missionary and singing in the choir with my good friend and companion. In a little over a month, my oldest daughter will be in the MTC and will be in the choir with her beautiful voice. Today this song in particular brought me to tears. I think this next 18 months will be hard for me. But like many things that are hard, this will be worth it. I’m excited for her.

If you want to be uplifted, watch this video and look at the faces of these amazing young missionaries who willingly give up a couple years of their life to serve God. The song is about Joseph Smith’s prayer as a young boy. I know that not many people speak about God and Jesus on social media or really any media without being labeled a fanatic or nut. But I invite you to listen to the music and the words. We are not here on earth as a random event by some scientific chance of fate. There is much much more. God speaks to man through His prophets.

(This was a Facebook post I wrote October 1, 2016)


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