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This is the final post of the series of the testimonies of some of my family members of The Book of Mormon. They had written these testimonies of the Book of Mormon while I was a missionary in France. They were then mailed to me, I translated them into French, hand-wrote them in the front of a copy of the Book of Mormon (Le Livre de Mormon), and gave them to people I contacted.

Continuing with these testimonies, today I share the testimony of my cousin Heather (Alldredge) Mueller.

Dear Friend, When you read The Book of Mormon, I hope that you will love it and appreciate it like I have. This book will help you make good choices. When I have problems with my faith in God, I read my favorite scripture “Choose you this day whom ye will serve; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24:15  I hope that you will use this book for finding answers to your questions about God and about His Church. This is my testimony. I hope it helps you.

Heather (Alldredge) Mueller (my cousin)

In French

Cher ami, Lorsque vous lirez le Livre de Mormon, j’espère que vous l’aimerez et l’apprécierez comme moi. Ce livre vous aidera à faire les bons choix. Quand j’ai des problèmes avec ma foi en Dieu, je lis mon passage préféré: “Choisissez aujourd’hui qui vous allez servir; mais moi et ma maison, nous servirons le Seigneur.” Joshua 24:15 J’espère que vous utiliserez ce livre pour trouver des réponses à vos questions sur Dieu et sur son église. Ceci est mon témoignage. J’espère que ça t’aide.

Heather (Alldredge) Mueller (ma cousine)

Written on the paper is a note saying that this copy of the Book of Mormon was given to a 30 year old man whom we met while street contacting. He lived too far away so we could not follow up with him, but he said that he would read the book.

I have really enjoyed going through these testimonies written back in 1991, and remembering how I translated them, wrote them into the front of copies of the Book of Mormon, and handed them out to people we would contact and teach.

The Book of Mormon is so important. However you happened to come to this blog, I hope that out of all the things you have heard about the Book of Mormon, you will set it all aside and find out for yourself what the book is all about. I’m passionate about it. I know this book was brought forth by the gift and power of God. It will bring us closer to Jesus Christ, more than any other book, including the Bible. I know the Bible to be the word of God as well, and I love the Bible. However, the Book of Mormon is very special. It is written plainly so it is easy to understand and it touches my heart in a way no other book can. When I read from it, I have the assurance that the words are from prophets, and that the message is meant for me.  I read it every day. I’ve read it cover to cover probably 20+ times. I still learn from it. Take it seriously. Read from it. Let the words touch your heart and soul. It is what the world needs. It is the other witness that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our resurrected Savior who died for us and atoned for our sins so that they can be washed away. It teaches His gospel. Read it. Pray to Heavenly Father for a witness that it is true. When you want to talk to God, pray to Him. When you want Him to talk to you, open and read the Book of Mormon.

Pau, France – Circa 1993


Introduction to the Book of Mormon

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