Top 12 LDS themed Podcasts

OK, so full disclosure, yes I have a podcast. It’s called Rocky Mountain Sunshine. However, I didn’t put it in the top 12, (although, I thought about it!)  I really enjoy podcasts and I have several LDS podcasts that I listen to each week either on Anchor, Stitcher or Spotify. I’m no longer an Apple guy, but it is the original and most popular way to listen to podcasts through iTunes.. There are many podcasts out there, but I’m only interested in ones that are positive and build faith, not tear it down or find faults. 

So here are my picks for my favorite LDS related podcasts: 

  1. Latter-day Lives / Sharing Time

I’ll group these two together. Latter-day lives is wrapping up, but there are three years worth of episodes where my good friend Shawn Rapier interviews many interesting guests.  You’ll really like this podcast, and like me, you’ll hope that Shawn decides to start it up again one day.  

The Sharing Time podcast is kind of like hanging out at Shawn’s house with Ken Craig, and talking before a Lakers game, or maybe at half time. They discuss fun topics and their humor is golden. It will put a spring in your step!

  1. Church News

While this is fairly new, I know it will continue to be one of my favorites. Sarah Jane Weaver is the host and interviews Church leaders, members who are making a difference and writers from the Church News team. In the first episode she interviews President M. Russell Ballard. You’ll be hooked after this episode and there can only be more good episodes to come.

  1. FairMormon

I’ve got to admit, I was skeptical about FairMormon. I have stumbled across way too many podcasts that appear to be good podcasts at first glance, and then end up tearing down the faith. I avoid them like the plague….or like COVID-19.

FairMormon is actually a fantastic podcast that defends the faith. Often they will give historical views or tackle issues in the Book o Mormon or doctrine that give people some heartburn. Some of the podcasts are deep dives and go over my head, but that isn’t too hard to do. My kids watch an episode of Wild Kratts and in 30 minutes know tons more about animals than I ever will. For example, “Hey dad, do you know the difference between a crocodile and an alligator?” Me, “Uh, is this a trick question? I think one has an Australian accent?” The kids then look at me in disbelief that they know more than I do about a particular animal or species once again. Anyway, I digress, but this is a good podcast to have in your rotation.

  1. Latter-day Saint MissionCast

This one is hosted by Nick Galieti. It is the latest of Nick’s many podcasts. This guy has an impressive resume! This podcast has a tie to missionary work and missionaries. Nick has done several podcasts including Book of Mormon Central, LDS Perspectives, The Good Word, Mormon History Guy, Good Thinking, and has done a lot of work with FairMormon. If there is an LDS podcaster guru award, it goes to Nick. 

  1. Real Talk – Come Follow Me

I listen to three Come Follow Me shows regularly. This one is the shortest and I like how they get to the point and just pick some nuggets out of the chapters.  It’s not an in-depth dive, but always get something good out of it. It’s produced by Covenant Communications, so its production is well done. The hosts are Ganel-Lyn Condi and Scott Sorensen.

  1. Saints – No Unhallowed Hand- Volume 2

I’m an odd fellow when it comes to history. I can find history a bit boring, but I LOVE CHURCH HISTORY! But I don’t like studying history. Does that even make sense? So for example, one of my favorite places to vacation is Nauvoo. I cannot get enough of that place. But reading long books about pioneer history is not necessarily my thing. Saints is the right mix of history told in narrative story form. It’s Church history, but it is done in a compelling narrative way that is so engaging. This is a gem in the latter-days and you really need to listen to it. You can read it as well, but this is not the top 12 books list. The book is free to download and the podcast is free, so how cool is that? I really like this podcast.

  1. BYU Idaho Devotionals

Perfect for when you want inspiration and something uplifting. Many good talks from Church leaders. I miss having a Tuesday devotional to lift me up when I was a student at BYU. Throw one of these on and there you go!

  1. The Joseph Smith Papers

Remember what I said about Church history? I love it, but I’m not a historian. My eyes glaze over a bit when I start getting in too deep. But I have a strong love for the Prophet Joseph Smith, and I love learning everything I can (from credible sources) about him and his life. This is the place to go for a deep dive into the life of Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Lord.

  1. Conversations

This is not in production any more, but do yourself a favor and go back to the beginning and listen to these awesome conversations. I’ve gone back and listened to many episodes time and again. This is a sign of a good podcast!

  1. All In

Thi is done by LDS Living. I’ll use their description of the podcast. What does it mean to be “all in” the gospel of Jesus Christ in the latter days? The answers might surprise you. …we explore this question with the help of authors and artists who are striving to live their faith every day—just like you. So, you can’t go wrong with this podcast. Give it a check on your favorites.

  1. BYU Maxwell Institute

I’m pretty sure that you become smarter just by adding this to your favorites. There is a wealth of knowledge in these episodes.

  1. Book of Mormon Central

Book of Mormon Central is a great resource for discussions on the Book of Mormon. They have their Rare Possessions podcast and their regular podcast. Also, follow them on YouTube for a really good Come Follow Me episode each week. They should just put those into a podcast as well, although they like to use a white board and visuals which might not work as well. 

I hope that this helps add some new podcasts to your favorites list. I’m sure I’ve missed some other ones. Maybe I should have done a best 20 LDS podcasts. I thought a Best 10 LDS podcasts was just too short. And of course, I’d be honored to have Rocky Mountain Sunshine’s podcast included as well on your favorites list if it’s not already. Look, I’ll even put a few links here for you!


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