The beginning blog post


I had lunch with my good friend, Shawn Rapier, today who has started a successful LDS themed podcast called Latter-day Lives.  I was telling him how I often have faith-promoting Facebook posts, but they quickly disappear after a couple days, and nobody will ever see them again, whereas his podcast recorded last week, might be discovered a couple years from now. It doesn’t disappear like the Facebook post. It got me thinking, “Maybe I need a blog for those types of posts so they don’t just disappear into the land of forgotten Facebook posts.”  I can’t even go back and find my own post when I want to. So there you have it. I’ll re-post to this blog previous posts that I have shared on Facebook, as well as new original content. This will be my new sounding board.  Welcome! I am Jason Bringhurst, and I will be your blog host.

Here more about this on my podcast!—Rocky-Mountain-Sunshine-elud0c
Rocky Mountain Sunshine Podcast

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