Ward Christmas Variety Show

The call went out to have a participants for a variety show for our ward church Christmas party in Port Angeles. I love Vocal Point and for years I thought it would be fun to do a skit to this number “Primarily Vocal Point”  (A cappella Tribute to Children’s Songbook Primary Songs). My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner when Maggie was still living with us, but it turned out pretty well. Oh, and TV adds like 50 lbs so I hear.

My wife and kids are good sports for having done this. The song starts off with us doing carpool karaoke singing in the car.

We go through and sing:

  • Family night
  • Give said the little stream
  • I hope they call me on a mission
  • Do as I’m doing
  • I wiggle
  • My Heavenly Father loves me
  • Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
  • Pioneer children sang as they walked
  • Saturday
  • Book of Mormon Stories
  • Popcorn Popping

I hope that you enjoy us have a little fun and being silly.

“Do as I’m doing” – Carpool karaoke to Primarily Vocal Point by Vocal Point


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