Small and Simple Things

Today in our family scripture reading we read in Alma 37. In verse 6 it says, “By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” 

I often wait to write a blog post because I want it to be something interesting, and I want it to be just the right topic at the right time. I try to follow promtings on what to write about.

This month I haven’t felt prompted to write much. When I think of this scripture, I realise that there always isn’t the perfect timing, the perfect subject, or the perfect wording for a blog post. I may not have time to polish it before posting. And you know what? That’s ok. Sure I may get some criticism. I’ve been told that I’m a horrible writer. I’ve been criticized for a number of things. Yet, maybe my blog, every now and then, is a small and simple thing which might lift someone’s spirits, or maybe brighten their day. Occasionally it may give someone the desire to find out more about the Book of Mormon, and come closer to Jesus Christ. Maybe it will inspire someone to be kind to another, or maybe to pray. Sure, I might have a typo or a grammar error; especially when I’m typing it out on my phone, like I am right now. That’s OK. I hope that we can all do what we can. I’m sure it will mean the world to someone. 

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