Testimonies of the Book of Mormon – Eldred

Yesterday I posted on my blog about a number of testimonies my family members had written while I was a missionary in France.  These testimonies were given to me, I translated them into French, hand-wrote them in the front of a copy of the Book of Mormon (Le Livre de Mormon), and gave them toContinue reading “Testimonies of the Book of Mormon – Eldred”

The search for Diet Coke in France

Those of you who know me, will not be surprised if I told you that while in France recently, I was on a quest to find a fountain-drink Diet Coke. What may surprise you is that in 1992 I was on this same quest! From my missionary journal.  8 July 1992 – Angoulême, France  SoContinue reading “The search for Diet Coke in France”