Joseph Smith’s First Vision

This video took way longer than it should have. Back in the October 2014 General Conference, Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, invited everyone to consider recording Joseph Smith’s account of the First Vision in our own words. I tried doing an audio recording of everyone reading it during a family home evening. My digital recorder battery ran out half way through and the kids were not into it all. Failure.

I kept thinking about it. Then last year I started recording it on video, but I could never get enough time when the family was all together. Finally one night, we recorded the video part. But the real time needed is in the editing. So again, I put it on the back burner… for a long time. So these videos were recorded last year. But, I’ve finally finished it. I ran out of time and wanted to do more, but I had to call it good.  I hope you enjoy it.


Spring 2020 marks the 200th anniversary of Joseph Smith’s first vision. We did not end up recording the full account in the Joseph Smith history, but this is the main part.

Joseph Smith at the age of 14, prays to God to be given some direction in his life. He miraculously sees a vision of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  I believe in Joseph Smith’s words.  I believe that he was called as a prophet to reorganize and re-establish Jesus Christ’s Church on earth in preparation for the Second Coming of our Savior.


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